Fisheries Overview in:

Antarctic Politics and Marine Resources

Critical Choices for the 1980s

University of Rhode Island 1986 262 pp

Proceedings from the Eighth Anual Conference

June 17 - 20 1985

Center for Ocean Management Studies

Lewis M. Alexander & Lynne Carter Hanson Editors

Dietrich Sahrhage

Director for Sea Fisheries

Federal Fisheries Research Center

Hamburg - Federal Republic of Germany


One of the reasons for the increasing interst in many countries during the last 25 years in the southern ocean around the Antarctic is the presence of major living resources. The most important Antarctic marine food resources are the krill and some fish species. These resources can provide large quantities of animal protein needed in future years to feed the quickly increasing human population.


The krill (Euphausia superba), a euphausiid crustacean reaching  a maximum body length of about 6 cm, is widely distributed in the cold upper water layers, mostly between the surface and 200 m depth, of the Antarctic ocean (Figs. 1 and 2).


Fig. 1. Antarctic krill (phot. Siegel).

Fig. 4. Pelagic trawl with large krill catch (phot. BFA fur Fischerei).

Fig. 5. Production of minced krill meat with bone separator (phot. BFA fur Fischerei).

copyright krill image: Uwe Kils

RUTGERS University

Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences

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