Northern Krill - Meganyctiphanes norvegica length ca. 30 mm, from plankton, Norway

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Name: Northern Krill

Scientific name: Meganyctiphanes norvegica


Status: alive in tank in laboratory of Antarctic Group @ Institut fuer Meereskunde Kiel


Special: Feed predominantly on copepods, therefore the gut is red colored, in contrast to southern krill, Euphausia superba, feeding predominantly on phytoplankton, E. superba's gut is yellow, brown or green

Chance to misstake with: Euphausia superba, but only about half the size, gut red to yellow, filtering basket less developed, much less cetae on thoracopods and wider spaced, thoracopods and pleopods relatively shorter

click into image to compare and toggle between the two species

click into image to compare and toggle between the two species


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