Professor Evaluation "Navigation and Orientation in Fish and Oceanography"

Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences RUTGERS UNIVERSITY fall 95 with Uwe Kils

28 students enrolled - 18 finished

average of this course - in brackets: (average of all courses @ IMCS - all 300 level courses @ RUTGERS)

(1: strongly disagree - 3: neutral - 5: strongly agree)

1. The instructor was prepared for class and presented the material in an organized manner: 4.77 (4.44 - 4.50)

2. The instructor responded effectively to students comments and questions: 5.00 (4.55 - 4.75)

3. The instructor generated interest in the course material: 4.77 (4.16 - 4.41)

4. The instructor had a positive attitude toward assisting all students in understanding course material: 4.92 (4.51 - 4.69)

5. The instructor assigned grades fairly: 5.00 (4.25 - 4.83)

6. The instructional methods encouraged student learning: 4.85 (4.08 - 4.63)

7. I learned a great deal in this course: 4.62 (4.34 - 4.38)

8. I had a strong prior interest in the subject matter and wanted to take this course: 4.85 (4.57 - 4.53)

(1: poor - 3: neutral - 5: excellent )

9. I rate the teaching effectiveness of the instructor as: 4.67 (4.20 - 4.48)

10. I rate the overall quality of the course as: 4.42 (4.18 - 4.29)

Questions added by department or instructor:

11. Do you advise for future that small presentation by most of the students would be good for the course? 4.15

12. Do you advise the computer instructional laboratory at Loree Hall was beneficial to the course? 4.54

13. Would you have signed up for this class if it would have been offered as a block course cyberCLASS mix: 20% in a main campus "Smart Classroom" 10% in the LOREE HALL Computer Instructional Laboratory, 20% via dedicated secure WEB  course server, 10 % from a dedicated course CD-ROM and 30 % at our fieldstation in the old LifeSaving Station @ Atlantic City and 10 % social interaction on trips to New York or Philadelphia or Princeton, if you would have to pay $65 for living in the dormitory there  for about a week and the travel expenses and below 10 dollars for the CD-ROM? 4.31

14. Would you accept an invitation to visit the Kiel ATOLL offshore laboratories and institutes in Germany if you would have to pay 165 US dollar? 4.77

15. Do you advise that the concept we try to integrate into teaching, with an Institute of Oceanography in the center of main campus on dry land, where the students are most, and a remotely controlled field station with instruments cyber-connected via fibre optics and satellite, is a future strategy appealing to students? 5.00

16. Do you advise the new Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences is a valuable addition to New Jersey and RUTGERS and deserves further funding and expansion? 4.90 (x.xx - x.xx)

14. Do you advise to have more scientists as guest-speaker invited? 5.00 (x.xx - x.xx) - three student wrote Jacques Cousteau

20. What did you like best about this course?

21. If you were teaching this course, what would you do differently? 22. In what way, if any, has the course or the instructor encouraged your intellectual growth and progress? 23. Other comments or suggestions.
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thank you all for the fine times @ RUTH ADAMS @ DOUGLASS/COOK

it was an honor and pleasure again to work with you

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