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Name: Antarctic krill

Scientific name: Euphausia superba

Details: Details of the filtering basket: the grid of 3rd-degree-setae in the gaps of the 2nd-degree-setae

Status: gold spattered REM scan

Dynamic:  preserved

Special: gap between the setae is only one micrometer. no human can make such a fine net with such a good relationship between open area and structure material. And this web can even be harvested, rearranged after disturbances and cleaned from debris by rakes. In case of overload it will simply open without ripping

Articles: Alberti,G., Kils, U. 1980: The filtering-basket of Euphausia superba ICES C.M.1980/L:54/poster Biol.Oceanogr.Cttee

Copyright: Uwe Kils & Gerd Alberti

Availability: This is a bad scan taken from a book. The original film is withhold in the Institut fur Meereskunde and unlawfully locked by the director Dieter Adelung. An attorney is engaged in fighting the image out. Thereafter it will be offered in high resolution TIFF and 70 mm film

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