Antarctic krill Euphausia superba grazing on ice algae

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Name: Antarctic krill

Scientific name: Euphausia superba

Details: feeding in the laboratory on artificially grown ice algae

Status: grazing, view from the direction of the ice algae lawn through the glass (e.g. from the inside of the ice)

Dynamic: in the right side of the image the scraping traces are visible very good. The animal swipes in wide zig zack tracks along the surface, harvesting like a lawn mover. More than 80 % of the algae are already removed. At the end of the opened thoracopods the concentrated, scraped off algae are clearly visible, piling up in front of the rake setae. On the next strokes this green roll of thousands of diatom cells will be transported to the mouth, crunched up in the gastric mill and digested in the hepatopancreas

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