ICEcave - 50 squarefeet of laboratory under the ice

for longterm camera deployment in packice and direct observations

the ICEcapsule in front of the ICEcave with underwater cameras in the testsite in the BALTIC off KIEL HOLTENAU

one of the two main windows  (40 * 40 cm) with the optical benches on all sides - some packice with trapped oxygenbubbles - extremely phytoplankton bloom in the green water below

From the ICEcave  operating a remotely operated vehicle with two joysticks, three computers and a traditional monitor - the propeller driven vehicle cruises in front of the two underwater-windows - three additional bullseyes just above ice-level allow for calibration and sheltered access - the electronics are open with analysing-boards attached for long term testing and calibration by the invited technician from Norway - click on the windows to se the ICEstaion from the air

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